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Editorial Policy

Appraisal welcomes articles dealing with current issues in philosophy, other disciplines and life at large, from  a largely personalist perspective. It also welcomes discussions of previous published articles.

As far as possible, articles should avoid jargon and be intelligible to readers who have a general interest in philosophy but may have little prior knowledge of the particular topics of the article.

From time to time it publishes Re-Appraisals, groups of articles on  20th C. thinkers of a personalist orientation. Ones already published feature John Macmurray, Lucian Blaga, Aurel Kolnai, Irving Babbitt, Hans Jonas and Max Scheler.

CFPs are circulated, especially on the PHILOS-L list, for articles for forthcoming Re-Appraisals and other special features.

Preparation and Submission of Articles

All articles will be subject to a triple-blind review as far as possible, and should be prepared for anonymous submission. All submissions should be sent to the Secretary. Please do not contact the Editor until you have received an email from him about your article, otherwise you would break the triple-blind review.

Before writing an article please see the Style Sheet, create a master page according to our requirements and then compose or rewrite your article on it.

This is necessary because the Editor has no secretarial assistance and it can take hours to reformat an article, especially one with footnotes or even endnotes composed with the special Insert/endnote functions and not as ordinary text at the end of the article. We have to insist on this because Appraisal is printed on A4 pages, and to avoid large blank spaces at the ends of articles any small ‘overhangs’ are printed on a Continuations page near the end of the journal, and that would destroy all notes complied with the Insert/endnote function.

Be sure to add an Abstract of not more than 80 words and a list of Keywords at the start of the article. These are required by the indexing agencies: British Humanities Index and Philosophers’ Index.

If your article is accepted, we shall then ask you to supply contact details to go at the end of the article and an entry about yourself, max. 80 words, for ‘Notes on new or less recent contributors’

For subscriptions and purchase of all previous volumes, please go to Subs & Payments